Okay so we all know that closets are a huge pain the butt, and mine was a total MESS, but this is the new look of it.  I used to have a table and chairs a few feet in front of it because all the closet contained was junk, and the cubby in it was perpendicular to it, to the left.  I had liked that setup for a little bit, but it just had to change.  The closet was just a wasted space, so I emptied it out completely, and filled bags upon bags up with donations and trash, and I took everything off the cubby too.  I put the cubby in my closet and hung my shirts and folded my sweaters.  I folded old quilts and sleeping bags and towels and put them up in the "rafters."  I hung my short clothes next to and above the cubbies, leaving a small section next to it (hidden by the door) to put empty hangers so they wouldn't get lost, as well as shirts I'd already worn that week to prevent repeats (I'm awful at remembering and I do that sometimes).  To the right of the cubby I hung dresses and skirts.  My workout and physical therapy stuff are in the cubby.  The drawers, from left to right, go electronic accessories (cords, batteries and packaging), survival (flashlight, candle, food bars, dog treats, water bottle, medicine, and first aid), and finally notebooks that aren't full yet.  I like keeping notebooks with me just incase I need to write something down.  And no, the notebook app on my iPhone will not do.  I can't remember things if I don't hand write them.  I guess I'm just an old schooler. 

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