So, it's almost fall, and although I don't want to let go of this amazing warm summer weather, I have realized that I need to embrace it!  I have found an adorable jar craft (because who doesn't love jars??!?!?) that is super easy and pretty cheap.  
You will need: 
-Faux fall leaves (with the whole entire plastic stem removed)
-small clear glass jar (as many as you like)
-hot glue
-colored twine (brown or hay colored)
-something to fill the jars with (mini pinecones, candy, scented beads, anything that gives off a fall vibe)

Once you have removed the hard plastic from the leaves (it should just peel off), cut the leaf so that it will fit onto the jar.  Glue it on, with the flat, cut part on the bottom, make sure there are no parts sticking up!

Depending on the size of your jar, glue the leaves on bordering the bottom bit of the jar, I used about three.  Next, take the twine and wrap it around the middle of the jar about three or four times, and tie it off into a bow.  If you don't know how to tie a bow, look it up, because I also have no idea (how uncrafty of me!).

Now that you've made your adorable jar, you can fill it with something!  You can find mini pinecones that smell like cinnamon, or little scent beads, or cinnamon candy, or even candy corn.  Anything FALLy, really.


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