So I actually saw these on Youtube, on macbarbie07's channel, and I decided to share them with you!  These, which look better at night, are the cutest little things! So, what you do, is take a Mason jar, and spray some spray adhesive all over the inside, then, you take any color of glitter and dump some in.  Be generous with the glitter because you can always reclaim it, and too little will look bad, and there's no redos with this! After you put the glitter in, pop the lid on and shake the jar so the glitter coats the jar evenly.  Then take some battery operated tea lights, which can be found at any craft store, turn them on, and put them in the jar! Then, to make the jar look nicer, put the twisty bit of the lid on it.  The other bit will be covered in glue and glitter, so you can toss it in the garbage bin if you please.  Also, for more personalized jars, you can take some sticker paper and cut it into a shape or letter and put it on the side of the jar before you do the spray glue, and remove it once the glitter has set for a few minutes. These are so great for dim lighting, and relaxation. 

 **SIDE NOTE** Try to find white tea lights if possible because the yellow ones, like I'm using, make the glitter's coloring look funky.

This project cost me like $4 to make a jar, it was super cheap and easy, and make sure you wear gloves

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