Hello!  So a while back I mentioned my meeting with an interior designer, and we just met up again I think two days ago, so now I've spent the past two days working on my room!  I've mostly been sitting down on the floor in the middle of my room in my little workspace piddling around the internet looking for stuff to use, but I call that work.  I don't think there will be much DIY involved in this, but I do have some cool ideas that I'm going to incorporate into the room.  *Story time* SOO, a long time ago I didn't have a bathroom to myself that I could apply makeup and do hair in, so I had a hand towel on my dresser and set my makeup on that.  One day  I went to change the towel, and as I pulled it off, it ripped some of the paint off the dresser, leaving some wonderful pink and orange towel fuzz behind!  Well, the decorator had an idea that I think is absolutely brilliant.  We are going to dismount the mirror from the top of the dresser and sell it, and then take printed out black and white or color photos, and scatter them to completely cover the top of the dresser.  Then we're going to get a piece of glass that fits the dresser top and put it over the photos!  The damage will be covered, and it'll look amazing!  Also, we're going to do a frame wall and hang some lanterns in the corner over the dog crates.  And I'm finally getting a desk!  For a while my only desk has been a small (yet adorable) table and chairs, so we're selling the chairs and painting the black table green to add a pop of color to the room!  I have yet to find an orange task light to put atop my new desk, but when I do it will be mine *evil laugh*

Okay thanks for reading this super long bit that should probably go under ramblings but I count it as a project so whatever.  


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