Ok, we all know that no matter how much we say "I love organizing things!" that we actually mean "I love when people think I'm an organized person who has their sh!t together."  So, I have scoured the internet in an attempt to pull together some of the best organizing tips and tricks from some of the most elite organization gurus!

Please enjoy this bulletted list of stuff you'll love me for when you're done reading: 

Cords:  We all hate cords, you turn your back to them for one second and you turn back around to see that they've gone from a perfect bundle to a giant sailor's knot.  Take inventory of them, lay them all out on the floor and tame them with some twist ties or cable ties.  You can slip them into the cardboard middles of finished toilet paper rolls, then into a box, or put dividers in a cardboard box and set each cord in its own spot.  Be sure to label every cord!  To make your project look pretty, paste decorative paper onto the box and rolls!

Bathroom:  I know I'm not the only one who has the messiest countertop ever in my bathroom.  I never took advantage of all the space I never even knew I had!  Make use of your medicine cabinet by storing every day products in it, always put them back!  If you have a lot of hair products and tools, get a clear plastic bin for them and put it under the sink, be sure to tame the cords on the tools!  Use towel hooks for each member of the family or roomie, you could even find fun letter things to put above the hooks to personalize it!  Get an expandable cosmetic drawer organizer (or consult my makeup organization post here:) for all of your makeup and put it in a drawer, those things are awesome, but unfortunately I do not have drawers, as for some reason my vanity is really short!  Take advantage of over the toilet space!  You can find some really nice over toilet cabinets at pretty good prices at places like Lowes.  I got these apothecary jars at the Container Store and they're literally amazing and I put my cotton swabs and cotton balls in them and it just looks so cute!

Office Space:  First off, hide your cords, they're a mess and they're distracting (and not very pretty!).  Use mason jars for your writing utensil storage!  Take five and lie three on their sides with the opening facing you, make sure they're touching.  Then stack two more in the cracks like a flat top pyramid, if you need more space, add a sixth jar to the top!  But don't fill the jars more than a third, otherwise things get crazy!  If you have one really big drawer in your desk, get a drawer divider, they're life savers.  Install open shelving for books!  I personally prefer vertical shelving  that doesn't have sides, but do as you please.  Also, get paper organizers.  They're really cute and not too expensive and they are really helpful.  (Find some here.)

Ok so these were the spaces of mine and my friends' that I found to be most unorganized, if you want any tips on another space that wasn't included, drop me a comment, I'd love to help you!

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