So this might be one of my absolute favorite canvas projects.  It's super easy and really cute, a great project for children or the artistically challenged, like me!
First you will need:
  -a blank white canvas
  -any color(s) of finger paint, just be careful of mixing because 
  -painter's tape (whichever width you want, although I'd recommend the thinner standard one)

Next, pick a word that means something to you or that is special, you could do "Love," or "Faith" or "Hope," just keep it short, and I would do all uppercase letters.  Take the painter's tape and stick it onto the canvas to form your word of choice, don't be afraid to mess around with how the letters look, and remember, they don't need to be perfectly straight.  Just get creative with it!

Here comes the fun part!  This is the bit that you can let a little kid do!  Just take the finger paint and spread it evenly all over the canvas.  Make sure to leave finger swipes in it, it should end up looking something like this.

Then, wait for the paint to dry and peel the tape off!  Voila!  You have a beautiful piece of inspiring and fun art that you can hang anywhere you want, and you can be proud that you finally made something and it turned out well!

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