Ahhh!  I am so excited!!  I finally set up a blog, and I really hope to stick with it!  Luckily, there is no way that I have found to track followers on here, so maybe I won't see that no one has noticed my little blog's existence and I'll just be here, little me, chillin' with my blog.  Anyways, I plan to write about funny things that have happened, stuff I want to do, have done, and am doing, and also just stuff that I've learned over my years of life.  Not to get too mushy on our first date, but, I'm really hoping that this will help me with my social anxiety issues.  I know, who would think that spending even more time on the internet would help with social skills?  But hopefully by opening up to the world, I can change myself, and maybe even someone else, for the better.


    Hi I'm Savannah, I don't really know how to do this, so I'll keep it simple.  I really like doing DIY things and interior decorating, and blogging is something I really love and just recently got into because I'm lazy! I would love some feedback so any comments are highly appreciated! xx


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