Hi there! Long time no blog.. Wow that shouldn't have been typed.. Anyways, I have some awesome news! We had an interior decorator come to our house today for the kitchen, and he looked at my room and I'm getting a big workspace think along one wall! It's going to go over the dog crates and we'll cover them with cute curtains, and it'll have shelves and cubbies and I am so excited! I'll definitely be way more active as far as DIY and such goes when we finish this. Also, I am getting a princess mirror!!!! I've wanted one for too long and I feel like I'm acting like a little girl but it's so cute! We're completely changing the layout and introducing a second color in small hits (right now its turquoise, black, and white) and it's going to look so amazing! I am just super excited and felt the need to share.  xx
I am currently spending the week with family up in Kentucky, so I may not be posting much right now. I'm thinking about either changing this blog or just starting a second one.  I'm trying to find new DIY's that haven't been overdone, but it's so hard! I know this entry may be empty and pointless, but I just felt like I needed to update. OH! Has anyone checked out www.uncommongoods.com? I got my dad a hummingbird feeder for father's day off of there, and I'll definitely be going back for his birthday presents, and I've already picked what I want to get my mom for her birthday! It is literally my favorite new site! They have everything.  Does anyone else really like Pinterest?  That's where I got my start in all things DIY. Okay I'm rambling, bye! xx
Ok, so, like many other girls my age, my bedroom isn't the cleanest.  But, unlike many other girls my age, my room is massive.  I have the bonus room in my house, which is right over the garage, so I have the largest room in the house.  I am actually in the process of organizing and decorating my room/bathroom.  The bathroom is separate, so unfortunately I have to walk through the cold hardwood floors every morning to get to it, but whatever.  I'm really excited to share about my bathroom, I'll put a post up soon about it in the DIY section.  I went on a big spree at the Container Store, which was the highlight of my week, and actually finished the bathroom yesterday.  My countertop storage is quite minimalistic, which is unlike me, but I actually like it.  Expect photos and such soon!  But my room is a much bigger project.  I have a closet, a walk-in (but thankfully my mother has claimed that for her own storage so I don't need to worry about it, and other than that it's just a large open space.  I have actually started using my closet for clothing storage more than my dresser, but I still use both quite a bit.  My walls are very bright blue, and my furniture is black.  The bed set I have, which I quite like, is white with large black rings on it.  Very simple.  We are actually having an interior designer coming to help me with layout and I might introduce another color to the room.  Also, if I chip in, I might be able to get one of my walls done with bead board, which would be amazing.  I like to think of my style as a mix between contemporary and modern, with an eclectic twist.  But I do also like beachy and southern type style.  It just depends.  I change my mind quite frequently about these things, so I'm hoping to find something that I can stick to liking.  But one thing that I refuse to get rid of is my lanterns, because I just love them.  That reminds me, I was thinking about buying a big hanging lantern to use as my light instead of those basic lights with a bowl type cover thing.  
So I finally made some changes to the site, I'm still not too sure, but they're better than the old name, and they'll do for now.  I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has viewed the site, it means so much to me, and you are why I have stuck with this.  Regarding the new title, I can't promise daily updates, they would be more at night (for my time) but I do have a lot of stuff to do right now.  I've been doing a lot of volunteering at my YMCA, and also a bird rescue place that we board my parrot at, so I help make toys and stuff there and it's super awesome.  But, I will try to make regular posts, and the only thing I ask of you is to give me feedback, and some good old fashioned constructive criticism.  xx
Hi everyone! So, long time no see! There's a funny story behind this.  I guess I should share.  So, I was with a friend, and I was on my laptop, and I was being annoying.  Singing and making noise and such, so, she threw her mouse at me (the one that goes with her laptop, not a real mouse hehe), and I ducked, but my laptop was not so lucky! Sam (may he rest in peace) got the lower left portion of his screen cracked! So the whole left side of the screen didn't work.  So, after several weeks of researching new laptops and such, I finally saved enough money to buy myself a brand spankin' new HP Envy!!!  I will try to start posting more again, and sorry (to anyone who actually cares) about the little gap. Thanks for reading, I'll see you soon! xx


    Hi I'm Savannah, I don't really know how to do this, so I'll keep it simple.  I really like doing DIY things and interior decorating, and blogging is something I really love and just recently got into because I'm lazy! I would love some feedback so any comments are highly appreciated! xx


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