Ok, so, like many other girls my age, my bedroom isn't the cleanest.  But, unlike many other girls my age, my room is massive.  I have the bonus room in my house, which is right over the garage, so I have the largest room in the house.  I am actually in the process of organizing and decorating my room/bathroom.  The bathroom is separate, so unfortunately I have to walk through the cold hardwood floors every morning to get to it, but whatever.  I'm really excited to share about my bathroom, I'll put a post up soon about it in the DIY section.  I went on a big spree at the Container Store, which was the highlight of my week, and actually finished the bathroom yesterday.  My countertop storage is quite minimalistic, which is unlike me, but I actually like it.  Expect photos and such soon!  But my room is a much bigger project.  I have a closet, a walk-in (but thankfully my mother has claimed that for her own storage so I don't need to worry about it, and other than that it's just a large open space.  I have actually started using my closet for clothing storage more than my dresser, but I still use both quite a bit.  My walls are very bright blue, and my furniture is black.  The bed set I have, which I quite like, is white with large black rings on it.  Very simple.  We are actually having an interior designer coming to help me with layout and I might introduce another color to the room.  Also, if I chip in, I might be able to get one of my walls done with bead board, which would be amazing.  I like to think of my style as a mix between contemporary and modern, with an eclectic twist.  But I do also like beachy and southern type style.  It just depends.  I change my mind quite frequently about these things, so I'm hoping to find something that I can stick to liking.  But one thing that I refuse to get rid of is my lanterns, because I just love them.  That reminds me, I was thinking about buying a big hanging lantern to use as my light instead of those basic lights with a bowl type cover thing.  

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    Hi I'm Savannah, I don't really know how to do this, so I'll keep it simple.  I really like doing DIY things and interior decorating, and blogging is something I really love and just recently got into because I'm lazy! I would love some feedback so any comments are highly appreciated! xx


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