Hi everyone! So, long time no see! There's a funny story behind this.  I guess I should share.  So, I was with a friend, and I was on my laptop, and I was being annoying.  Singing and making noise and such, so, she threw her mouse at me (the one that goes with her laptop, not a real mouse hehe), and I ducked, but my laptop was not so lucky! Sam (may he rest in peace) got the lower left portion of his screen cracked! So the whole left side of the screen didn't work.  So, after several weeks of researching new laptops and such, I finally saved enough money to buy myself a brand spankin' new HP Envy!!!  I will try to start posting more again, and sorry (to anyone who actually cares) about the little gap. Thanks for reading, I'll see you soon! xx

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    Hi I'm Savannah, I don't really know how to do this, so I'll keep it simple.  I really like doing DIY things and interior decorating, and blogging is something I really love and just recently got into because I'm lazy! I would love some feedback so any comments are highly appreciated! xx


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