I am just so excited about my new bathroom! No, I didn't actually move or get a new bathroom, but I did have a trip to the Container Store that had me almost drooling over all of the organization things! Sorry my handwriting on the board is so awful, but basically what I did was get a magnetic whiteboard and some containers for it, you can go crazy with colors, they have a whole rainbow, but my stupid bathroom is all nude colors and I did not want to paint or find a new shower curtain, so I stuck with white.  Then I sorted all of my makeup and tools into piles and such and put them in the containers.  I did have to do some picking and choosing with the makeup because, since the container's magnets are only so strong, they couldn't hold some things.  For my counter, the only things I left out were my teeth things, soap, and a cool cotton tool holder from the Container Store because I think it looks like something from an old fashioned doctor's room and I love it.  I also organized under the counter, which was a disaster area, but it's all fixed up and nice now.  I know this isn't really a DIY but I HAD to share it!  Thanks for reading, and I hope you can get organized too!  HGTV and one really chill employee and the Container Store were my inspirations for this setup.  Leave a comment and I'll be sure to respond! xx

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